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Rafting in Rishikesh is a fun-filled adventure sport that sets your hearts pacing and the adrenaline rushing. It can be experienced between September to June. There are over 13 river rapids that are covered. These have been graded on the basis of their difficulty levels from grade 1 to 4. You can pick any of these and expect expert guidance and assistance throughout the rafting in Rishikesh trip. You can plan a group activity for the day with your friends or family; or choose to pick from the many overnight camping packages to make it a wholesome experience. Some of the best places to try out white river rafting in Rishikesh include - Kirti Nagar, Shivpuri, Bhrampuri, Byasi, Marine Drive, Rudraprayag, Kaudiyala, and Devprayag.

Rafting is one of the fastest growing adventure sports in India. With several rafting spots across the country’s diverse landscape, people from all over the world flock into India for their dose of adrenaline. One of the most popular rafting areas in India is Rishikesh and the best place here is the Rafting in Rishikesh. River Ganga flows through the city with all its tributaries. These waters provide the ideal conditions for beginners as well as advanced rafters to enjoy the activity. In fact, each year, there are special rafting expeditions that are arranged here. The city of Rishikesh is even more spectacular thanks to the landscape. In the background, you will see the glorious Himalayas and the surroundings are lush green. The fresh air of the mountains and the pristine waters make the experience even more memorable.

There are several kinds of currents that you will notice in these waters. They are graded as per the level of difficulty. For instance, grade 1 waters may be accessed by beginners while grade 5 waters are only open to experienced rafters. The rafting camp will choose the perfect rafting spots for you based on the group that you are travelling with. The best time to visit this area is during the monsoons. The most popular months are between Octobers to May. Of course, the winters can get really cold and it takes someone with a brave heart to venture into the ice cold waters.

When you are at Rishikesh for rafting, it is a good idea to choose to camp by the river. We offers several luxury resorts and cottages as well. However, spending your time in the lap of nature is a unique experience. You can even enjoy bonfires in the night to just stay warm. The area around the camp is breathtaking. It is also home to several birds and is considered to be bird water’s paradise. We offers the most comfortable cottages. They provide basic facilities like light and limited access to electricity. These packages also include food and refreshments.

With, your safety is the number one priority. The packages include all the safety gear and equipment such as rafting suits, the lifejackets and helmets. The guides accompanying you are experienced rafters who will keep you safe throughout your rafting trip. There are also includes other adventure sports in the area around the camp including bungee jumping, mountain expeditions, rock climbing and trekking around the Rishikesh rafting camps. The packages provided are extremely affordable. They are ideal for weekend getaways. You also have the option of getting trained to improve your skills at rafting while you are here.

Rafting is dedicated to providing the best experience to all of its guests. All you need to do is choose a level of expertise with respect to your rafting skills. The rest will be taken care of thanks to the all-inclusive packages that are designed to include everything that you can enjoy in the area around the Rishikesh rafting area.

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