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Adventure Camps In Rawatbhata

Rawatbhata is a town and a municipality in kota Chittorgarh district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is 50 km from the nearest city Kota. Rawatbhata is connected to the major routes in country through Kota.

Rawatbhata is located at 24.93°N 75.58°E. It has an average elevation of 325 metres (1066 feet).

As of the India census, Rawatbhata had a population of 37,701. Males constitute 51.8% of the population and females 48.2%. Rawatbhata has an average literacy rate of 85.82%, higher than the national average of 74.04%: male literacy is 92.19%, and female literacy is 79.01%. In Rawatbhata, 12.27% of the population is under 6 years of age.The place is mainly dominated by gujjars.

In 1960s, due to the location of this remote place on Chambal river and least resistance by local tribal communities, this place was chosen for building nuclear power plant with support from Canadian-based AECL.

Rana Pratap Sagar Dam
Rana Pratap Sagar Dam on Chambal River is located near the town. The dam has power generation capability. It also supports a road connecting Rawatbhata to a nearby township,Vikram Nagar located on a picturesque small hill. On the top of the hill there is a large metal statue of Maharana Pratap,which is a perfect place to look at the city during the evening.

The Rana pratap sagar dam or the RPS dam as it is called is one among the four consequent dams constructed on the chambal river which are namely Gandhi sagar dam, Rana pratap sagar dam(RPS), Jawahar sagar dam and the Kota barrage, former 3 have electricity generation capacity while Kota barrage is for irrigation purpose

The Rana pratap sagar dam facilitates fishing activities in its nearby villages and is also responsible for giving water to the Rajasthan Atomic Power Plant for generation of electricity

Baroli temples

Baroli temple complex
The Baroli Temples at nearby Baroli village to the north are one of the oldest temple complexes (in Rajasthan. The chief architect of the Baroli temples was from Kakinada.

Bhainsrorgarh Fort
Another place of interest is The Bhainsrorgarh Fort overlooking the Chambal River. To its west is the Brahmani River joining the Chambal. The Fort Palace has been converted into a Heritage Hotel, which has been rated as one of the best Heritage Hotels in India. The property has 5 Suites and 4 Deluxe Rooms. The location of the fort is one of the best in India. It sits on the edge of a cliff 200 feet above the Chambal River.

Nuclear Power Stations
Nuclear power generating facilities Rajasthan Atomic Power Station UNIT-1 is operated by DAE, Rajasthan Atomic Power Station UNIT-2 to 6, operated by Nuclear Power Corporation of India is located at Rawatbhata. Heavy water plant (under Heavy Water Board, Department Of Atomic Energy) is also located at Rawatbhata. On 23 June 2012, in the nuclear power plant, two of the 38 workers, during annual maintenance work received higher levels of radiation from radioactive tritium. Presently there are 6 units are operating and 2 units are under construction of 700 MW(e)(RAPP-7&8) each.

Kalakhet and RAPP / HWP Colonies
A nearby orchard Kalakhet is a place worth visiting. The town is located in the lap of Aravallis. The colonies of the RAPP and HWP are well developed namely Vikram Nagar Township, Anu Asha, Anu Deep, Anu Chaya, Anu Kiran, Anu Pratap, Anu Tara and ANU BHAGYA respectively.

Parajhar is a nearby waterfall. The underground water flowing in caves has carved statues and figures on the stones in the cave. Many people have died due to accidents near the waterfall. It is near to village called Parajhar gaon. This place is also known for historic cave-temple of Lord Shiv. During Mahashivratri a large festival is organised here. water-fall and green surrounding is the attraction for peoples.

Saddle Dam
Not to forget, Saddle dam which is the most common picnic spot for locals.It is a non gated, stone and mud dam to direct the water towards the main Rana pratap sagar dam and away from some villages, the catchment area of this dam fosters crocodiles and alligators and creates a picturesque scene during the monsoons.

Chuliya Fall
Chuliya fall is a waterfall where are two waterfalls and is a good place for picnic near to CISF colony.

Neem Khera Farms
A beautiful picnic spot on the banks of river Chambal and lush green valleys of Aravalli. Horse riding and Boating for people. This farm is situated 1 km from Famous Baroli Temples towards Chambal riverside. The farm also boasts of orange and guava plantations.

Geparnath falls and Temple
A beauty to watch and experience after the first showers of monsoon, Geparnath can be reached by road getting diverted from Rawatbhata-Kota road almost 20 km from Kota. One huge and a series of small falls welcome you in the arms of nature with picturesque topography and heart-melting greenery amidst the ear-soothing sound of the falls.

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