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Adventure Camps In nadaun

nadaun is a town and a nagar panchayat in Hamirpur district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Earlier, it was in Princely state of Kangra and Raja Jodhbir Chand son of Raja Sansar Chand ruled on Kangra-Nadaun. Presently, Nadaun is a small town in Himachal Pradesh, located on the foothills of the Shivalik range forming the western end of the district Hamirpur. It is 42 km east of Kangra and is situated on the banks of the Beas.

Bulleh Shah mentions Nadaun as City of Innocent. He is said to have written the famous saying about Nadaun "Aaye Nadaun Jaaye Kaun" (Who comes to Nadaun would never want to go back). In his famous poem "Bulla Ki Janna mein Kaun", he has a mention of Nadaun as : "Na mein rehnda Vich Nadaun".

Nadaun is located at 31.78°N 76.35°E. It has an average elevation of 508 metres (1666 feet). River Beas flows through this small town. Nadaun is midway between Jwalamukhi (12 km)and Hamirpur (28 km)

Climate : The climate of Nadaun is sub-tropical with monsoons in the months of July August. The summers are between mid May to Mid July. The temperature in summers rarely exceeds 40 degrees Celsius partly due to proximity of Himalayas and partly due to river Beas. The winters are cold but sub-zero temperatures are rare. There has been a report of snow only once in Nadaun in 2011.

There is no railway line connecting this town to rest of the country. The nearest railway station (Jwalamukhi Road) is around 25 km from Nadaun. However Nadaun is well connected with road network. It has got a central position in terms of road connectivity. Two main roads diverge from Nadaun : One in the direction of state capital Shimla (National Highway NH88) and other in the direction of the major nearby cities of Chandigarh and Hoshiarpur (National Highway 70). The transportation within Nadaun and surrounding areas is done mostly with the help of privately and government operated buses. Nadaun has a large bus station (at least bigger compared to towns of similar size in this area). Adjacent to it is a taxi stand where one can easily rent a taxi for short or long distance. For transportation of goods within the Nadaun town one can take help from a Coolie. Occasionally people use boat to cross Beas River.

Places to See and Various Pastimes : The place of historical importance to visit is the Old Fort situated on a hill top. The fort is in a dilapidated state but still representative of family of Maharaja Sansar Chand Katoch. A place of religious importance is the old Shiva temple. The popular belief about the Shivalinga in the temple is that it grows every year by a height equal to one grain of rice. Another place of great religious significance for Sikhs is Gurdwara overlooking the river Beas. It was started after visit of Guru Gobind Singh to this place during Battle of Nadaun. Hence Nadaun is considered a town of multiple-religions all living in mutual-harmony. A favorite pastime of people of Nadaun is evening walk to the Nadaun Bridge. There are many restaurants which have come up in this area. This Bridge provides fantastic views of Beas River and of sunset. This bridge separates Hamirpur district from Kangra district. Another interesting pastime is river-cruise in a small wooden boat. One can enjoy this ride the whole day. The boat is still used as a mode of transport. There is a statue of Freedom fighter Inder Pal in the New Bus stand area.

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