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Adventure Camps In Laxmangarh

Laxmangarh is a town in Sikar district of Rajasthan state in India. It is the sub-divisional headquarters of the Laxmangarh sub-division in Sikar district. It is also the Tehsil headquarters of the Laxmangarh Tehsil. Laxmangarh is also Panchayat samiti headquarters of the Laxmangarh Panchayat samiti in the district. It is situated on National Highway-52 at a distance of 24 km from Sikar in north.

The Thikana of Lachhmangarh was granted by HH Maharao Shri Sir Madho Singh Ji Bahadur of Shekhawati in 1936 to his son, Mahendra Singh.

Maharajkumars were:

1. Maharajkumar Mahendra Singh (1936-1967)
2. Maharajkumar Rai Sen Singh (1967-1991)
3. Shri Sahib Rampratap Singh (1991 Present)

Sahib Vaijyant Singh
Laxmangarh is located at 27.8225°N 75.025278°E. It has an average elevation of 222 metres (728 ft). The Laxmangarh Fort is the best monument of the town.

The nearing area of the Laxmangarh town are also very rich in heritage. The PEER Baba ki Samadi located in the revenue village of Alkhpura Bogan near Hapas is also a 300-year-old monument. The monument is a place of worship for both the Hindus and Muslims of the area. The great fair is organised every year on the sixth of Bhadarpad (Hindi Month). Large number of people participate in the fair.

The area is arid ridden and the main source of their income is agriculture. The agriculture is based on the monsoon rains. The average rainfall in the area is also very less. Certain farmers are now constructing tubewells in the area for irrigation purposes. The aerial view of the surrounding area is magnificent that can be enjoyed from the roof top of the Samadhi Building, the eastern side is more splendid. The greenery view of Choudhary Munga Ram Dhaka's Farm House located at 400 metres is eye catching.

The large workforce is also migrated to Gulf countries as labour and earning their livelihood. Certain people of the area are also engaged in the Hawala business. The Hawala operators and the money pumped in by these gulf earners through these operators, impair the fair assessment of the income of the people.

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