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Adventure Camps In Kashipur

Kashipur is a city of Udham Singh Nagar district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, and one of its seven subdivisions. Located in the western part of Udham Singh Nagar district, it is Kumaun's third most populous city and the sixth most populous in Uttarakhand. According to the 2011 Census of India, the population is 121,623 for the city of Kashipur and 283,136 for Kashipur Tehsil.

At 29.22°N 78.95°E, and 180 kilometres (110 mi) northwest of New Delhi, Kashipur is located in the south-west of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand in the Terai – an area of relatively low-lying land, ranging between 500 and 1,000 feet (150 and 300 metres) above sea level and crossed by Kumaun's main north-south watershed between the basins of the Rivers Ramganga and Kosi. To the north of the city lies the Bhabar tract of Ramnagar, which separates the area from Shivalik Hills. Kashipur is drained only by minor rivers and lakes, primarily by Dhela river, a tributary of River Ramganga. Several rivers and stream cross the region transversely and leave their deposit making the land fertile. However, these also dissect the region which renders it unfit for agriculture. Kosi is the master stream flowing in the western part with its broad course from north to south.

Kashipur has a Humid subtropical climate, like much of the Indo-Gangetic Plains to its south, with average maximum temperatures in summer (June) being around 31.6 °C (88.9 °F); and in winter (January) around 14.5 °C (58.1 °F). The driest month is November, with 5 mm of rain. With an average of 374 mm, the most precipitation falls in July.[19] There is a difference of 369 mm of precipitation between the driest and wettest months. During the year, the average temperatures vary by 17.1 °C. The main seasons are summer from March to June, the monsoon season from July to November and winter from December to February

Kashipur is a major transport hub in Uttarakhand, acting as a gateway for the cities of Ranikhet, Pauri and Gairsain. The city is served by the National Highways NH 309 and NH 734. The NH 734 (formerly NH 74) connects to Najibabad via Jaspur and Nagina, while the NH 309 connects Kashipur to Rudrapur in the east, and the cities of Ramnagar and Srinagar to the north.

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