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Adventure Camps In Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake is one of the reservoirs in Sohna which is situated in Gurgaon district in Haryana a state of India. This lake is a biggest lake in Haryana and covers the area of about three thousand acres. Damdama Lake formed British use to construct them with stone and earthen and it was commissioned for harvesting rain water. This lake is held by embankment and is mainly fed by the monsoon rain which poured in a trough at Aravali hills base. This lake greets various visitors who feel like an adventure camping with a water level about twenty feet down.

Damdama Lake is surrounded by Aravali Mountains and it is a popular spot for picnic and visit by many people to spend their weekends quite away from city in such a scenic as well as quite atmosphere. Located in the serene location people may enjoy boating paddled boat, row boats as well as motor boats. This lake is also known for the splendid and for adventure camp or sports facilities like kayaking, angling, para sailing, rock climbing, cycling, along with valley crossing. People can also have nature walk at the places that is quite near to Aravali hills.

The Damdama Lake is a home for birds made naturally, and about more than one hundred ninety species of birds that migrate and some local birds during summer, winter and monsoon season means in the entire year numerous birds from some other places will flock to this dream island. While driving to the Damdama Lake people can also see a glimpse of blue bulls as well as peacocks.

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