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Adventure Camps In Chaupal

Chaupal is a Sub Division (administrative division) of Shimla District. It is surrounded by hills and forests of Deodars. It is also known for its densely covered areas of Himalayan Cedar trees in the city. This is one of the richest forest area of Himachal. Devdar,kail,fir spruce and ban trees are in plenty in forests of chaupal. Best quality Devdar in Asia are in Chaupal.One of the oldest Forest Division office is also at Chopal.at present the Forest Division Is headed by Mr A K VERMA.

According to the 2010 Indian census Chaupal had a population of 10,888 people. Of the population, 58% are male, and 42% are female. Chaupal has a literacy rate of 89.65%.

This region is famous for the production of high quality apples, which are exported internationally. Apple-growing areas in Chaupal include Chambi,Tharoch, Poran, Pauria, Peontra Valley, Bamta, Rinjat, Khaddar, Matal, Chanju (Chopal), Kashah, Rushlah, Satota (Halau, Shalan) Dewat, Kakhrona, Shilikyan, Shantha, Sunarli, Maraog(Asia's richest village) Bigraoli, Jhina and Sarain nar koti kiarnoo.

Chaupal has a cool and moderate climate. Between December and March, the city gets heavy snow and the temperature can hover around freezing point. During the summer, the climate is warmer with temperatures around thirty degrees Celsius.

Temp in Winter:-10 °C (14 °F) to 18 °C (64 °F) Temp in Summer:20 °C (68 °F) to 32 °C (90 °F)

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