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Adventure Camps In Bhadra

Bhadra is a city and a municipality in Hanumangarh district in the state of Rajasthan, India. The railway station name is Tehsil Bhadra. Bhadra in colloquial Marwari (a dialect of Hindi) means "The City of Grace". This name comes from the river Raslana Vithrika bhadra. Bhadra was founded by Bhadrak Community on the sangam of Varshvati and Swarnabhadra rivers which was a Janpad/Gantantra. Bhadra's history can be traced from the time of Mahabharata where it was mentioned that Bhadra is in Kurupradesh. Jats after being defeated by Mohmed Gazni in the year 1027 came to Jangalpradesh and rebuilt Bhadra. The town is well connected through a railroad on the Sri Ganganagar-Sadulpur(Rajgarh)-Jaipur line, and through state highways to Hisar and Sirsa in the neighboring state of Haryana.

Gogamedi is a village of religious importance in the Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan (India), 350 km from Jaipur. A grand fair is held at Gogamedi in August in memory of Gogaji (a Chauhan Rajput from Dadrewa village in Churu district) which runs for one month from the Poornima of Sharvan to the Poornima of Bhadrapad every year. Gogamedi is accessible on NH 65 from Chandigarh; go straight to Hisar (Haryana) (230 km) and from Hisar take the road to Bhadra (60 km) and from Bhadra Gogamedi lies around 20 km on the way to Nohar. From Delhi take the NH10 to Hisar (165 km) and from Hisar take the road to Bhadra-Nohar.

The main cricket stadium in the city, Govt.College Ground has a seating capacity of 3,185 and has hosted State & District cricket or Football matches. Indoor Stadium, and Railway Cricket Ground are the other sporting areas in the city

Bhadra is located on National Highway No.8 connecting Delhi and Jaipur. By RJ Sh 37 links Jaipur with Kota and National Highway 8 links Bikaner. RSRTC operates bus service to major cities in Rajasthan, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Gujarat. The service operates more than 400 regular and low-floor buses. Major bus depots are located at Main Bus Stand, ambedkar chock (at night only) And Sahwa Bus Stand.

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